Week 16: Wrap-up Webinars & Final Posting

You’ve reached the final week of 23 Things Kansas — can you believe it? I know that all the mentors can’t!

For this week, you will have the opportunity to do several things, all of which are completely optional. For more information on what happens next, including program deadlines to be eligible for continuing ed & the prizes, please see this posting from last week.


On Wednesday, April 28, at 10am and Thursday, April 29, at 7pm, we will be hosting two wrap-up webinars. You are invited to participate in both sessions, but we know that many won’t be able to make either one. The webinars will be archived, and the links will be posted at a later date. Please see this page for more information about where to go to participate in the webinars, as well as troubleshooting tips.

During the webinars, you will have the opportunity to share the top “Thing” you learned during 23 Things Kansas, as well as the most surprising “Thing” you learned. The webinars will also be a time to celebrate with your fellow participants. Brenda Hough will facilitate the session, and Cindi Hickey and Heather Braum will be your hosts.

Final Blog Post

If you are interested, for your final blog posting as part of 23 Things Kansas, we’d like to encourage all participants to reflect on the “23 Things” you’ve learned during the program. If you can’t come up with 23 Things, that’s perfectly fine. As we all know, reflection of any kind is good for you to discover what you’ve learned, especially during a multi-week class. You are not required to write this posting, but if you do, it would be great if you posted a link to it in the comments section of this post so others could read it.

Nominate Your Favorite Work By a Participant

What was your favorite participant creation? An Animoto video, a wiki, an IM discussion, a video, a Tweet? Share a link to it or describe it in the comments section of this post.

What Would You Like to Happen Next?

We have some ideas about what we’d like to happen next, after 23 Things Kansas, but we’d also like to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment with your ideas in the comments section of this post.

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44 thoughts on “Week 16: Wrap-up Webinars & Final Posting

  1. 23 Things has been a most interesting undertaking. I learned that most of the “Things” available are really not that hard if you just jump in and start working with them. It has made me more confident to try to incorporate some of these applications in my promotion of my library and it’s programs. There are many uses both personal and professional for each one. I now sound like a wizkid when I can suggest an application to a patron to help them out. I have already saved a student or two from wasting a whole afternoons work on the computer when they dicovered the had left their flashdrive at home by suggesting google docs. I look forward to the teens response to my upcoming Animoto clip promoting Young Adult summer Reading.
    Thank you mentors for providing support and encouragement throughout each assignment. You did a wonderful job!
    I appreciate the opportunity to learn and to connect with my fellow librarians!
    Congrats to all who finished (or soon will finish)! Job Well done!!

  2. I have two confessions to make. One, I am not finished with my 23Things. If it was still February, I would be right on track. But for some reason, my calendar insists it is April, about to be May. My second confession is that I have been a most inattentive mentor to the 40 public librarians I was asked to mentor. So, I want to make a suggestion. Can we please play 23Things Kansas, Round Two? It would give those of us who are still in February a chance to catch up. And, I would also like to ask those very special people who did finish Round One to consider becoming a mentor to those still in the program. Maybe even pair up one on one with someone. Then as more people finish, they might agree to pair up with someone. What do you think?

  3. http://mattinas.wordpress.com/
    I wrapped up my “23 Things Kansas” with a blog post, and I couldn’t resist adding a couple of more Animoto clips. This training has helped increase my tech skills. I was amazed at the wide variety of tools available for use both personally and professionally. I still go back to ‘old’ lessons, giving a passed over site a second chance. I use WordPress for my blog, and I have Safari for my personal computer. Don’t have much time at work to do the lessons. (patrons come first!). So, at times I was challenged by one site not happily cooperating with Safari or WordPress! (Shelfari and Wetpaint are two). RSS feeds really taught me how to ‘unclutter’ my web experience. I learned through other ’23 Things’ participants, to try My Yahoo. Works great for me, as my homepage is filled with tabs for all my web stuff! Again, thanks to all the mentors.

  4. Hello Everyone:

    Thanks to all who attended this morning’s wrap up webinar. It was fun and informative.

    We have updated the slides and the urls included are all live now. Please use the comments to add your favorites, etc. Here is the link to the updated slides:

    Here is the link to the archive of this morning’s webinar:

    Just sign in like you would for a live webinar!

  5. My reflections are posted on my blog


    I still need to complete the screencast but all the other projects are finished. I am glad I had the opprotunity to participate in this. As I stated on my blog or wiki page, it pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and experiment with web 2.0 tools. Thank you to everyone for taking the time and effort to put this project together. It was very helpful, fun and exciting:)

  6. First of all, a big THANK YOU! to all of the mentors and instructors and of course, the originators of the concept. I appreciate all of the time that you took to share your expertise and knowledge with a 2.0 newbie.

    Although I did not have time to delve into some of the sessions or very deeply into others, they all exposed me to the variety tools and resources out there. I should be honest here though, I didn’t make the time to delve.

    However, I have started using some tools that I only wondered about in the past – twitter, shelfari, wordpress. The sessions also showed me that none of them are difficult to use. Like anything else, one just needs to take the time to practice. Hmmmm…that sounds like a refrain, I mean excuse, that I use when my shots or serves aren’t staying inside the white lines on the tennis court.

    In any case, again THANK YOU! to everyone who made it all happen.

  7. Sorry I didn’t get this posted last week but I did sit in on the webinar and enjoyed it very much. Thank you also for using one of my comments. Someone had asked the question about how to find out what lessons, if any, you were missing. I know I have a couple to complete, one being a slide show. Great summary.

  8. 23 Things definitely helped energize me, which has been especially helpful during a difficult and discouraging school year (related to the issues all schools are facing). The flexibility of the online format was instrumental in me deciding to participate. I am very glad I did this and I look forward to applying the information more in the workplace. I am glad the lessons will remain accessible because I know I will need to refer to them for refreshers. Thanks to all the mentors for a job very well done.
    My 23 things reflection is on my blog.

  9. This has been a wonderful experience. I did get behind here at the end and spent most of this weekend getting my lessons done. The end of the school year does get very busy. I liked two of the suggestions that I hears in the wrap-up webinar and so I will piggy back on them.
    1. Keep this going – Round 2 (I had a lot to learn and still do; I will need reinforcement if I am to continue to grow.)
    2. I liked the idea of doing it in smaller chunks – perhaps four lessons at a time. I also liked the idea of using Web Junction or some mechanism to perhaps work with a group of 4 – 5 people.

    My final reflection for 23thingsKansas is on my blog at:

    Thanks to all the wonderful instructors. I appreciate your time and effort.

  10. I greatly enjoyed this class and am very grateful for the opportunity. Thanks again 23ThingsKS mentors!
    Here is a link to my blog: http://bethsbibblog.blogspot.com/
    and to my final posting “What I learned from 23 Things Kansas”

    It’s weird that Paulina’s name is listed above me because she is who I was going to mention in my comment. Her “Celebrate! 23 Things!” posting and about me section of her blog made me laugh! Especially the “it’s making me funnier” part. LOL. You even helped inspire me when I didn’t think I could think anymore ;) Great job!

  11. There were so many participants who did such great work. I am still really jealous of the blog sites and the way some have made their blogs. Elizabeth’s (http://bethsbibblog.blogspot.com/) is so creative and cheerful. I’d like to just take lessons from her!

  12. I am done, Iam done, I am finally done. Although these were great tools to learn, this was a very time-consuming and sometimes aggravating process. But congrats to all who have made it through. Quite an accomplishment for some of us.

  13. Done and done. Ruminations at http://fermentedlibrarian.blogspot.com/

    Easy for me to ask that 23 Things or something similar continue, esp. since I don’t have any earth shaking ideas for such. Even with the time spent and some frustrations, I appreciate the learning experience and chance to share with colleagues. Until we meet again in another blog, best to all.

  14. I am done and it is not midnight! I really enjoyed this class and would like to see 23 Things continue in some way. The Blogging became easier because we did it with each lesson. Many of the earlier activities I have laid aside as the year progressed at school. Some kind of redo for certain weeks or units would be great. I’d do the whole thing again just for practice and mastery. Advanced class??

    See my wrap up on my blog http://243librarysecrets.wordpress.com

  15. Well, I finally finished all the lessons–and before midnight! It’s been tough the past 3 months since I learned that my job was being eliminated. My school district scrapped the elementary library program. All that remains are aides who are basically part-time since they will be pulled and used as teacher’s aides most of the time. It’s sad.

    Hopefully I have everything done that I need to get the continuing ed credit. This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it possible. You’re the greatest.

  16. I just listened to first the Wrap-up Webinar – and learned even more. I think I finished lessons today that I had skipped earlier – for whatever reasons. I thought I would be satisfied with saying “I didn’t finish but did what I could.” Decided that I could finish one way or the other!

  17. Special thanks to all of our mentors and participants – it’s been fun, and I learned a lot of things I normally wouldn’t have come across. It took a lot of work to make this happen, and you guys are the best.

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