Enabling comments on a Tumblr blog

So I’ve already noticed today that you have to go thru some extra steps to make comments work on a Tumblr blog.  If you didn’t choose Tumblr, ignore this post!  But if you did, please follow the steps involved to 1) register your blog on Disqus and 2) enable comments on your Tumblr blog.

Read this first:  http://www.tumblr.com/docs/faqs#comments

Make sure you’ve selected a theme that allows Disqus.  (Disqus = discuss, get it? :) )

Sign up for Disqus here: http://disqus.com/comments/register

I have created a screencast so you can see how it works.  Sorry I did not anticipate that as an extra step!  We are ALL learning this week ;)

6 thoughts on “Enabling comments on a Tumblr blog

  1. Do you have to be registered with Disqus to leave a comment? I enabled it on my blog but I had to give up my pretty theme to do it! :D Lisa

  2. @Lisa: There is an advanced way to install Disqus on any Tumblr theme. The easiest way to do it is to just pick a theme that’s already compatible :( I am going to study up on how to add it to any theme and do another webcast on this topic later next week.

  3. I’m tearing my hair out here!! Can you please please please help me figure out how to enable comments on my blog? Your video above does not work anymore it appears.

    I have registered at disqus but after that I am so terribly lost and no amount of googling has helped me find the answer. A step by step would be awesome.

    Please help?

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