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The old blog roll that had been displayed below has been replaced with the new and improved listing. It can be updated much more quickly and will be much more easier to manage and view than the previous list. We hope this solution will be much easier for everyone. We are learning numerous things right along with you!

Don’t see your blog on the list? Did you register it here?

37 thoughts on “Participants

  1. I see I am listed as an unknown library type. If you have an opportunity, you could move me to public school library. Thanks, Lisa

  2. I tried to leave a comment on a blogspot blog. I was asked for a credential. I typed in both my wordpress blog user name and my blog name and neither worked. Any ideas?

  3. @Kelley, @Mary, and @Sharon, All 3 of you should have gotten an email from me yesterday; Kelley & Sharon, your blogs are registered. I update the list as I have time throughout the day. Mary, I do not have a blog URL registered for you. Could you try to do so again?

  4. Hi from Sabetha, so i have finished my task for this week all but the part about getting someone to friend me on facebook,so now i am appealing to our library friends, i need facebook friends! well not really i have facebook friends,but to follow the rules i need library facebook friends,so please help me finish my homework and friend me on facebook! Thanks

  5. Maribeth, thanks for letting me know. By letting me know in the comments (or by email), I was able to change your URL from my end. It should work now (you might have to update the Blog Listing Page).

  6. To anyone who submits a blog URL in the next 24 hours, I will not be able to get it added until tomorrow evening. Please check back tomorrow night or on Sunday to see if your URL was registered. I am going to be away from my computer for the next 24 hours but will continue to have some access to my email if you have questions at all. Thanks for your understanding.

  7. This is a great learning tool. So glad we can go our own speed because I am slow trudging through some of this. :)

  8. The online meetings is a great way to learn and share with others. I look forward to exploring and having fun!!!

  9. Flickr apparently would not upload my photo to the post by using the URL option. I tried it multiple times. However Flickr has a “blog this” option on their menu which allows you to create a post in Flickr. Anyone else with this problem?

  10. I registered my blog in Feb and realized yesterday I wasn’t in the list. I did register for the original project with my work address and my blog uses a different address from my google account. Is this what is causing problems? TIA K

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