New Participant Blog Listing Now Available

Many of you have probably been wondering why the participant blog listing hadn’t been updated in over a day. That’s because a better solution was discovered. I am happy to announce that you can now visit the new and improved, and much more usable blog listing at this link.

I hope it’s much more user friendly and informative than the old way. It is definitely saving us time. :) There may be one or two more bugs to work out (possibility it may not work in IE8), but we wanted to go ahead and get it out to everyone.

Go find new blogs to comment on!

Update: If you haven’t yet submitted your blog website address (URL) after setting up your new blog in Lesson 1, here’s the link to the form to do that. You must submit your blog website address (URL) on the form, in order for your blog to show up on the blog listing. If you don’t see your name on the new blog listing, you didn’t submit your blog website address yet. FYI: I am updating the data every couple of hours, so your blog may or may not immediately appear. Leave comments here if you have more questions!

11 thoughts on “New Participant Blog Listing Now Available

  1. Heather,
    I left this info on another page. Wasn’t sure if it was needed here as well. I’m not able to see anyone else’s blog. Is that b/c I’m using IE8?

  2. Yvonne, are you not able to see a blog listing of 221 (and counting) Items here?
    If you are using IE8, you probably aren’t able to see the listing at the moment. I hope to get this problem resolved by the end of the day or earlier. I do know the listing does work in IE7, Firefox (Mac and PC), Safari (Mac and PC), and Google Chrome (Mac and PC), if you have access to one of those Web browsers.

  3. I was looking at the list of participants and the breakdown by library. I noticed that I am listed as unknown and wondered why that was. I am at a public library and thought that I did everything I was supposed to do. Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

  4. I left this message on the other page also. When I submitted my blog to you, I forgot to include the http://, so it doesn’t work when you click on it from the listing. Can this be fixed?

  5. @Cynthia, you should see your blog listed on the blog listing now. It doesn’t update right away. I have to do a couple of things to registrations before the blogs are added to the blog listing.

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