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New Participant Blog Listing Now Available

Many of you have probably been wondering why the participant blog listing hadn’t been updated in over a day. That’s because a better solution was discovered. I am happy to announce that you can now visit the new and improved, and much more usable blog listing at this link.

I hope it’s much more user friendly and informative than the old way. It is definitely saving us time. :) There may be one or two more bugs to work out (possibility it may not work in IE8), but we wanted to go ahead and get it out to everyone.

Go find new blogs to comment on!

Update: If you haven’t yet submitted your blog website address (URL) after setting up your new blog in Lesson 1, here’s the link to the form to do that. You must submit your blog website address (URL) on the form, in order for your blog to show up on the blog listing. If you don’t see your name on the new blog listing, you didn’t submit your blog website address yet. FYI: I am updating the data every couple of hours, so your blog may or may not immediately appear. Leave comments here if you have more questions!