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Week Four: Photo Sharing

Welcome to Week 4 – PhotoSharing! We are Royce Kitts and Patti Butcher. We’re going to have fun this week – we hope you will too! Please ask questions and we’ll do our best to guide you along the way.


Remember photo albums? How your mom kept everything organized – all your school events, family vacations, long-lost relatives? Well, photo-sharing websites do that-and MORE! You can upload pics, tag, organize, and share with just family and friends, or with the world. If you’re older (like Patti) you recall print photos, giant flash bulbs, “instant” cameras, and 16mm film. If you’re younger (like Royce) you are more familiar with digital photos and video, and online sharing.

In this week’s module we are going to focus on Flickr, but the basics of photosharing will be the same regardless of which tool you choose. To get started, click on the triangle in the middle of the video below to watch a short explanation about PhotoSharing from Common Craft.

Sharing/ Productivity/ Community

Individuals and institutions (like libraries!) share their photos for different reasons: to keep family members updated, to encourage interest in their library, so their photos are backed up, or because they enjoy getting comments on their photography.

For 23 Things, your photosharing project provides experience with digital photos, uploading, tagging, organizing – and an opportunity to create an account for your personal use OR an account for your library.

PhotoSharing Tools

All of these products work in much the same way – some offer more tools and options than others. If you already have an account with one of these photosharing sites, feel free to use your existing account for your project.

If you don’t have an account, we recommend Flickr to get started. Royce and Patti use several of these for different purposes. Your cell phone account may already be “connected” to one of these tools; you might check to see what options there are if you have a camera phone. We don’t want this to be too complicated!

Flickrpart of Yahoo! One of the largest and most popular photo sharing sites, you can tag your photos, comment on the photos of others, search by tag or user, create (or use) RSS feeds, download images in multiple sizes, form sets, establish groups for sharing among colleagues, use geotags (location information), and much more. Many other web-based applications have been developed for Flickr.

Picasa – from Google. Upload and manage your photos. Public albums are searchable through Google image searching.

Snapfish – from HP. Photo storage with the ability to organize, edit, and add borders, tints and other creative touches. with the additional ability to create “group rooms” where staff can add photos to one collection.

Shutterfly – In addition to being able to pick up your prints at your local Target, shutterfly offers an online community where you can share your work and see projects created by others as well as a blog full of ideas. Includes a section on digital storytelling. Shutterfly Share offers free webpage space and templates for showing and sharing your photos.

Kodak Gallery – Photo storage with the ability to organize, edit, and add borders, tints and other creative touches.

PhotoBucket – Another free site that includes photo editing, album sharing AND creating your own slide show. PhotoBucket is included in the Additional Tools section below if you want to create a slide show.


1. Watch our slideshow. Then proceed to the Activity of the Week.


Now it’s time to choose your project! Option A or Option B:
Option A.
1. Take a good look around Flickr and find an interesting image that you want to blog about. You can explore Flickr photos, search the tags, view various groups, and more without a Flickr account.

2. Use any keyword(s) (baseball, cats, library cats, library signs, Kansas library, whatever…) to find photos with those tags. When you find an interesting image or group, comment on your experience finding images, using Flickr, and anything else related to the exercise. Upload the image to your blog (be sure to credit the photographer). Don’t forget to include a link to the image in the post.

–OR– the more fun option

Option B.
1. Create a Free Account in Flickr (note that Flickr is now part of Yahoo! If you have a Yahoo! account for email or MyYahoo!, log in with that).
2. Then use a digital camera to capture a few pictures of something in your library, or begin to create a “virtual” library tour.
3. Upload these to your new Flickr account and tag at least one of the images with 23 Things Kansas. Be sure to mark the photo public.
4. Add one or more of your images to your blog. You can add the image in one of two ways:

Flickr‘s blogging tool (need a Flickr account to see the button) lets you click the Blog This button (right above the picture) and add any public photo on Flickr to your blog. Be sure to give credit to the photographer, if it is not your photo.   *Flickr Blogging FAQ*

Watch HeatherBraum walk you through how to set up this handy little tool on Flickr:

For blogger blogs

WordPress blog – Use the Upload/Insert tool above the Tool Bar, choose the Image icon (square in a square), and follow the steps to locate the file on your computer and insert the image into your post.

5. Once you have the photo uploaded and tagged, create a post in your blog about your photo and Flickr experience. Will you use Flickr for the library or media center, for your personal photos, or in another way?

Spend some time exploring the site and have some Flickr photo fun. Check out the Flickr App Garden. If you’re interested in looking at some other photo hosting and sharing sites, check out the EXAMPLE links below.

Keep in mind that when posting identifiable photos of other people (especially minors) get the person’s permission before posting their photo in a publicly accessible place like Flickr. Never upload pictures to your Flickr account that weren’t taken by you (unless you have the photographer’s consent) and always give credit when you include photos taken by someone else in your blog.


Photo Editing Tools


Photo Shop



Other Tools


Animoto – create your own slide show from photos, add text and music, remix, and post.

Creative Commons – Images on Flickr

Flickr Badges


SLK Photos (Flickr)

NEKLS Photos (Flickr)

Tonganoxie Public Library Festival of Trees (Flickr)

Library of Congress (Flickr)

In September, the Brooklyn Museum hosted Common Ground 2009: A Flickr Meetup with NYPL and the Brooklyn Museum