7 thoughts on “Announcing the 23TKS Prize Winners!

  1. Wow!!! Thanks for drawing my name!! I can’t wait to get busy creating. Thank you for all the great lessons that will help me put my new green camera to good use!!

  2. I am so excited to win the camera. I look forward to lots of videos of my new grandson. Thank you so much everyone who worked to set up 23 Things KS and help everyone to achieve what they wanted with this project. I know it took a lot of time, effort and patience and it was much appreciated.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Stephanie, Ruby, and Charlene on winning your new Flips! What fun you’ll have, and it’s obvious from your blogs that they’ll be put to Great! use.

    Congratulations and my sincere and special thanks to Cindi, Heather, Brenda and all who make this possible! This has been one of the top 2 learning experiences of my library career. Thank you so much for your dedication, encouragement, expertise, generosity, and instruction.

    Cindi, you said in the vid that it was hard to let go of your baby after two years of 23 Things Kansas. I don’t really want to let go either. I plan to use the coming year to explore these topics further and get better with those techs that are new to me. Thanks to 23 Things I have a structure, focus, and plan in place for just that. Thank you, again, and CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. I love the graphics you guys used on this post! Fantastic! Ahhh… Kate I think so many of us totally agree. You put it all into such great words. Everyone that participated is definitely a winner.

  5. I am so proud to be the owner of a new flip video camera. It was so amazing to be one of the lucky winners. I am ready to try it and see how it can be used. All the lessons were wonderful and the mentors were great. At times it was stressful but it was definitely fun.

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