What is 23 Things Kansas?
23 Things Kansas is a fun way to learn about and practice with online tools for community, sharing and productivity.

Who can participate?
23 Things Kansas is open and free for anyone in the Kansas library community.  That’s right — is open and free for any Kansas librarian, trustee, friend, volunteer — really anyone who works in or for a Kansas library of any type, including school libraries, public libraries, academic libraries, and special libraries.  Keep going to find out how to register for 23 Things Kansas.

What’s in it for you?
•    You are part of a learning community.
•    You  get to interact with members of the Kansas library community.
•    You have an opportunity to share your great ideas.
•    You test drive tools that can help you be more productive with the support of your Kansas colleagues.

AND…  when you complete the 23 Things Kansas tour you will be eligible to win one of these fabulous fLip video cameras!  The names of all eligible 23 Things Kansas participants (a.k.a. adventurers) will be put into a hat.  The names of 3 lucky adventures will be drawn to receive these beautiful video cameras.  The names of the winners will be announced during our wrap-up week (April 26 – 30, 2010.)

fLip Camera Prizes That’s flippin’ cool!

But that’s not all!  If you complete the 23 Things Kansas program you can earn 30 hours of continuing education credit and receive a beautiful 23 Things Kansas CE certificate.  But you have to complete the program to earn the credit.  (No partial credit will be available.)  If you attend one of the wrap-up webinars during the week of April 26th AND you post about your most successful activity on the 23 Things Kansas blog, you can earn an additional three hours of continuing education credit.  Just watch this blog for further details.

Who is behind 23 Things Kansas?
The seeds of 23 Things Kansas were planted at a WebJunction webinar which surveyed the 23 Things landscape (it’s a project with that has been implemented internationally!).  From that webinar the 23 Things Kansas dream was taken to Library Camp Kansas (the unconference) held in Manhattan, KS in March 2009.  At the unconference a core group of enthusiastic Kansas librarians from across the state resolved to build 23 Things Kansas, a uniquely Kansas blend of social learning and community.

The 23 Things Kansas program is based on the inspiration of The Learning 2.0 program designed by Helene Blowers (who was then the Technology Director, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County) that was loosely based upon Stephen Abram’s article 43 Things I (or You) Might Want To Do This Year (Information Outlook – February 2006) and the Web site 43 Things. We also used ideas from Minnesota’s 23 Things on a Stick program and other Library Learning 2.0 programs.

Special thanks go to:

•    Brian Oertel (Johnson County Library) for the colorful 23 Things Kansas logo
•    Royce Kitts and the Tonganoxie Public Library for the 23 Things Kansas Internet domain name
•    Heather Braum, Sharon Moreland, Liz Rea and the Northeast Kansas Library System for the 23 Things Kansas KLOW blog

How does 23 Things Kansas work?
The beauty of 23 Things Kansas is that you are in charge of your own learning.  Each week a new module will be unveiled to introduce you to an online tool that will help you gain experience with online community, sharing and productivity.  Specially created online activities will be the framework. Whether you use the tools for personal or professional reasons, you will be learning about and creating your own online possibilities.

Each module will be structured around this basic template:

Introduction – A broad description of the tools you will be working with for the week will set the scene for your learning.

Sharing – Productivity – Community – Each module will show you how the tools you will be exploring that week fit into our framework of sharing, productivity, and community–all aspects of social networking.

Tools for your consideration – Each module will give a list of the tools for the “thing” you will learn about during the week.  You will be able to select your tool or try more than one using the tool comparisons and contrasts included.

Tool instructions – Finally, each module will include the complete instructions for one of the tools listed.  Module instructions may include online videos, handouts, tutorials–really anything that will help you learn about the tools.  To help you explore that tool, an action activity will also be included. To help you share your experiences, you will be given instructions on how to create your own blog in Week #1.  Then you will use your blog to report on all of your learning activities each week.

What will I be learning?
23 Things Kansas will launch Monday, January 11, 2010.  Each module will loaded and ready to go by 3:00 a.m. CT on its starting date.

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  1. Teri, this is from an email that Cindi Hickey sent out back in December: We estimate that each module will take 1 to 3 hours to complete. Completion time will depend on the activities presented in the module, your previous online experience and your interest in the particular tools featured. All of these modules will be self paced and can be completed in increments so your work time can be spread throughout the week. Hope that answers your question!

  2. Isit possible to get college credit for this project? It sounds great and I need recertification credits for school library.

  3. @ Debi Hughbanks. I am sorry but we are not set up to offer college credit for this training program. Hope you will stick with us anyway!

  4. I need to drop out of this class. I have had too many health issues that hinder me from participating. Please let me know what I need to do to un-enroll. Thanks! :)

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