23 Things Kansas 2010 by the Numbers!


23 Things Kansas 2010 is history.  23 Things Kansas – the blog is open and ready for anyone to use and learn by.   For 23 Things Kansas the numbers tell the story of the program.  We started with the numbers and hit Kansas like a “twister.”  Now you can use the numbers to judge our success.  (We already see it in the work of our learning pioneers.)  Take a gander and add your observations in the comments.

16 Mentors:
Heather Braum, regional library system*
Rebecca Brown, NNLM
Patti Butcher, State Library
LaDonna Clark, regional library system
Eric Gustafson, small public library director
Cindi Hickey, State Library
Brenda Hough, regional library system
Erin Downey Howerton, school liaison for a large, urban public library
David Lee King, digital branch manager for a large, urban public library
Royce Kitts, small public library director
Amanda McConnell, circulation coordinator for a medium sized, urban library
Janelle Mercer, regional library system
Sharon Moreland, regional library system
Chris Rippel, regional library system
Kim Rutter, regional library system
Diana Weaver, director of a small public library

*5 of the 7 regional library systems participated in the development of 23 Things Kansas.

14 Lessons
2 Wrap-up Webinars (44 participants)

584 program registrations

391 registered participant blogs!

106 pioneers completed the program.  Each earned 30 hours of CE credit for a total of 3,180 hours of CE credit awarded by the State Library for 23 Things Kansas.

Plus 3 colorful fLip cameras were awarded from a drawing of a pool of participants who completed the program.

We had fun, we learned and we made new friends along the way!